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Veterans Aid and Attendance Program

Are you aware of a benefit called Veteran’s Pensions and the Aid and Attendance Program?
Here is a shortened version. 
This program and other VA Pensions are a great source of funds for financially constrained, wartime Veterans and/or their surviving spouses to use for their long term care. 
Eligibility is largely determined by the veteran’s income but it allows individuals to deduct the complete cost of all their medical expenses including assisted living and skilled nursing. 
A general rule is the assets cannot exceed 80,000.00, however their primary home, vehicles and difficult to sell property can be excluded when determining the seniors assets. The VA also allows assets to be transferred or converted to income in order to pass the asset test without any look back penalty as there is with Medicare.  There also no restrictions on how the benefits can be used. 

Seniors receiving Medicade should consult with a Veterans Benefit Advisor prior to making a decision to initiate a VA Pension. Veterans cannot receive both Disability compensation and VA Pension compensation, they must choose between several programs. 
Must be 65 years of age to be eligible or disabled and be considered a “wartime Veteran.” 

Keith Witter has all the detailed information and he can be reached at:  1-800-252-5834.  He has already worked with many Veterans and has all the necessary information.
You can also contact Neil Doyle or Nathan Pike.  They will be happy to assist any eligible wartime veteran or dependent file for these benefits.  Any questions that arise please contact them at the local VA office.