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In Honor of Sgt Tyrell Williams

Thor Detachment is sharing these books for a member of our Marine Corps family.  Please consider purchasing one as 50% of the proceeds will go to Marines Helping Marines.
Dear Commandant,
My son, Sgt Tyrell Williams, served 3 tours in Iraq and on 11 February 2008, less than 90 days after being discharged from the Corps, was killed in a hit-and-run in Austin, TX. The perpetrator of this tragedy has never been identified.
In January 2010, I wrote my first book titled Through the Grief: A Mother's Journey. I have released my second book, Dragonflies: New Beginnings for Healing from Grief and Loss. In honor of my son, I am asking that you distribute my request to purchase a book to your members. On the Products page, I have listed that 50% of all proceeds goes to Marines Helping Marines and provided a hyperlink to the website for those that are not familiar with the program. On the Resources page, I have listed the Marine Corps League and provided a hyperlink to the main website.
As a member of the Marine family, thank you for helping me make a positive contribution to the lives of our brave warriors and their loved ones; for helping me be of service; for helping me heal through giving what comes from my heart.
With Gratitude,
Dayton Williams
In loving memory of my first-born son
Sgt Tyrell Seth Williams
United States Marine Corps 2003-2007
25 December 1976 – 11 February 2008
Semper Fidelis