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Vietnam Veterans Traveling Memorial Wall

The American Veterans Traveling Tribute Vietnam Wall will be at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Stoltzman Road in Mankato from 19-23 September 2012.

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The Warriors Code of Honor

The “Warriors Code of Honor” has come to the attention of the Idaho Department of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.  The Code will sound very familiar to those of us who are Combat Veterans no matter what war we fought in.  Its author wishes to remain anonymous.  We know this about him though – he was an 18 year-old rifleman an Infantry Rifle Platoon of the U. S. Army 7th Infantry Division which was overrun and largely destroyed when China unexpectedly intervened in the Korean War in November 1950.  He is one of the survivors who managed to reach the Marine lines at the Chosin Reservoir, and fought alongside them in their march to the sea and waiting ships.  He is a Purple Heart Medal recipient and a life time member of both the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). 

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Veterans Aid and Attendance Program

Are you aware of a benefit called Veteran’s Pensions and the Aid and Attendance Program?
Here is a shortened version. 
This program and other VA Pensions are a great source of funds for financially constrained, wartime Veterans and/or their surviving spouses to use for their long term care. 

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