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We're Back!

It has been a long time since anyone from Thor Detachment has posted anything.  It's about time to change that.  We are going to make an effort to start using our website more.
Commandant Loecher

In Honor of Sgt Tyrell Williams

Thor Detachment is sharing these books for a member of our Marine Corps family.  Please consider purchasing one as 50% of the proceeds will go to Marines Helping Marines.

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2012 Marine of the Year

Thor Detachment takes great pleasure in announcing our 2012 Marine of the Year.

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"What is it about you Marines?"

This may help explain what we share that is so special and what we have lived that makes us remember. To understand, you have to live our experience, share what we have all shared, and feel what we have all felt. It is about Corps values, and honor. It is about character. It is about a shared experience that changed our lives.

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